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Program Offerings

Trained peer educators are available to facilitate interactive discussions that promote healthy sexuality/relationships, dispel myths about rape and other forms of interpersonal violence, examine gender roles and how they relate to violence, define consent, provide suggestions for risk reduction, advise participants of available resources, and explore what each of us can do to end relationship and sexual violence.

  • "Be Orange" - an interactive 2 hour workshop that engages participants in dialogue about the complexities of sexual violence prevention. Participants will explore what it means to be an empowered bystander.  Participants will have the opportunity to apply the concept of empowered bystander to their everyday lives. This workshop was adapted from © 2013 University of New Hampshire Bringing in the Bystander. 
  • Interpersonal Violence Awareness” – a workshop created to engage participants in dialogue about the complexities of sexual and relationship violence.
  • “Pizza and Sex": What do they have in Common?” –this workshop is based on a new paradigm of sexuality, “pizza.”  The discussion focuses on how to open up communication about sex and sexuality, which in turn leads to healthy encounters, based on consent.
  • "Sex Jeopardy" - this fun-filled workshop gives students an opportunity to learn about resources on campus as well as information about sexuality, sexual health, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, communication, healthy relationships, responsible decision making and tips for a safer experience as a student at SU.

To request a program, or if you're interested in a program that is not listed above, please request a program through our program request form.