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"Enough is Enough" Legislation and Syracuse University Prevention and Education

What is “Enough is Enough”?

On July 7, 2015, New York passed "Enough is Enough" legislation, which requires colleges and universities to adopt comprehensive procedures and guidelines to address sexual assault on college campuses. These policies include a student bill of rights, a uniform definition of affirmative consent, a statewide amnesty policy, and expanded access to law enforcement.

How will this affect SU students?

1. All incoming undergraduate students are required to complete the in-person “Speak About It” orientation program.

2. All incoming undergraduate, graduate, professional, part-time, and non-traditional students are required to complete required online training (by EVERFI). 

3. All student athletes are required to attend an “Enough is Enough” in-person training before they are eligible to compete.          

4. All student organization officers are required to complete sexual assault prevention training in order to be recognized by the university.

The complete law can be viewed here.

What do these trainings include?

The in-person and online trainings meet the “Enough is Enough” legislative requirements, including:

  • Key definitions
  • Campus resources
  • Campus policies
  • Empowered bystander prevention strategies
  • Consent

EVERFI online training is an interactive multimedia education program which covers sexual assault and relationship violence, substance use (including alcohol and other drugs), and healthy relationships. The training has three different versions, each tailored to their respective audiences of traditional undergraduate students, graduate students, and non-traditional undergraduate students and part-time students. The training must be completed in order for students to register for future classes.

For questions about the EVERFI online training program, please contact:
Incoming Undergraduate Students
Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs
Incoming University College Students
University College Student Administrative Services
Incoming Graduate Students
Graduate School

Speak About It is an interactive presentation in which a team of actors utilize skits, dialogue, and monologue to educate college students on:

  • Consent
  • Sexual assault
  • Bystander intervention
  • Healthy sexuality and relationships