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Identifying one standard drink:

  • Beer: 12 oz. (5% alcohol)
  • Malt beverages: (Colt 45, Olde English, Smirnof Ice) 8.5 oz. (7% alcohol)
  • Wine: 5 oz. (12% alcohol) A  standard 750mL bottle = approximately 5 standard drinks
  • Liquor: 1.5 oz. (40% alcohol)

BAC (Blood Alcohol content)

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is the amount of alcohol circulating in your bloodstream at any given time. As  your BAC increases, so does your level of impairment. BAC levels are different for everyone. There are several  factors that can affect your BAC, such as gender, body weight, tolerance and menstruation.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning:

There are four clear signs of alcohol poisoning.  You can use the acronym C.U.P.S. to remember:- Cold skin, Unresponsive, Puking, and Slurred speech. Other signs include: slow breathing, seizures, blue skin, paleness

How to help someone when you think they might have alcohol poisoning:

  • Stay with the person
  • Check the person regularly
  • 911 (From anywhere)
  • 711 (From campus phone)
  • #78 or #SU (From a cell phone)
  • (315) 443-2224 (Campus Safety)

Party Smart Tips:

  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with nonalcoholic drinks (not caffeinated or  energy drinks)
  • Limit or avoid drinking games and risky drinks: jungle juice, energy drink mixers, mixing multiple types of alcohol
  • Avoid combining alcohol with other drugs, including prescribed medications
  • Make sure you are well rested before drinking
  • Plan how much and what you will drink before you start and tell friends that plan
  • Plan for a sober driver or a cab before drinking.  Make a second plan
  • Download a BAC app to keep track of your intoxication
  • Before drinking alcohol eat a high protein meal to slow down alcohol absorption
  • Plan to do something at the party besides drinking alcohol, like dancing, karaoke, socializing, playing non-drinking games or eating
  • Make sure your phone is charged and you have emergency numbers programmed