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Sexual & Relationship Violence Student Education and Prevention Team (SEPT)

The Sexual & Relationship Violence Student Education & Prevention Team will meet throughout the academic year to discuss campus-wide and tailored initiatives for specific populations. This will be an actively working group that will contribute to planning for campus initiatives.

Group Mission:

To utilize individual, group, and community level education and prevention strategies to:

-          Promote a respectful, safe, caring campus community;

-          Provide integral information via trainings, presentations, marketing, and communications to students about campus support and resources; and

-          Coordinate multi-pronged and cross-departmental initiatives to bring awareness to these issues, empower the campus community to act as prosocial bystanders, and impact the campus culture (e.g., social marketing campaign).


  • Work collaboratively as a group to coordinate and promote violence prevention efforts including Speak About It, Sex In The Dark, Domestic/Dating Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Health Awareness Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Helping to advise and provide input/feedback for campus programming including the Be Orange program and campaign
  • Act as liaisons with their perspective departments, offices and groups to promote more collaborative initiatives
  • Submit funding requests for new initiatives and programming ideas

School and College Liaisons

Staff and faculty representatives from across campus are invited to sign up to become liaisons to the SEPT team. Liaisons will be invited but not obligated to attend meetings and will receive all communications from the SEPT team, as well as being able to add topics to the meeting agendas.   These liaisons help to communicate prevention efforts campus wide. Interested staff and faculty can sign up on the form below;