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Peer Education Positions

Office of Health Promotion Peer Educators are students that provide health and wellness education to their peers through interactive programs, tabling and planning outreach events. Peer educators also act as role models and as liaisons to connect their peers to health and wellness resources on campus and in the community. Some of the signature programming that peer educators assist with are Health Hubs, Bulletin Board Kits, and Program Requests. 

There are 3 peer education teams that specialize in different wellness topics. To learn more about these teams please see descriptions below;

  • Be Wise Peer Educators
  • Peer Educators Encouraging Healthy Relationships & Sexuality (PEEHRS)
  • Students Advocating for Mental Health Empowerment (SAMHEs)


Requirements to Join Peer Education Team(s)

Personal Qualifications: Peer educators are highly reliable students that are passionate about promoting well-being, have a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and strong interpersonal/communication skills. Peer educators are accountable and are able to work well independently and within team settings.

Time Commitment: The minimum time commitment to be involved with the group is 3 to 6 hours per week which includes a weekly meeting, office hour(s), and programming commitments.

Mandatory Training: All peer educators must complete a mandatory training that will occur starting August 14th 2019 before classes begin. All peer educators will receive Certified Peer Educator training in additional to content specific and resource specific trainings.

Minimum GPA: Academic excellence and self-care is a value of the peer education program. All peer educators must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.


Perks of the Position:

  • Professional Development! 
  • Impacting Peers!
  • Early Move in!
  • Study Space!
  • Lots of Free SWAG!!
  • More Pizza than you know what to do with!



Please Note: at this time the application is closed to female-identifying students, we have received several qualified female applicants and have already extended offers to fill each of our teams. The application will remain open for male-identifying, trans or gender fluid applicants until positions are filled.

Application Link

Application Timeline:

***Applications will be open until teams are filled - spots are still available for some of the teams***

Applications open for 2019-2020 Peer Education Teams January 2019 until Monday March 18th 2019

Interview Process for Teams: Monday March 25th through Wednesday April 3rd 2019 (please check your email leading up to the interviews so we are able to schedule an interview within the time frame)

Positions Offers: Will start to be extended on April 16th 2019 and continue until the end of the semester. 


Be Wise Peer Educators

Be Wise Peer Educators believe in educating and empowering other students to make healthy choices and decisions regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs. Peer educators are committed to making a difference on the Syracuse University campus through nonjudgmental dialogue and the sharing of information about alcohol & other substances.


Peer Educators Encouraging Healthy Relationships & Sexuality (PEEHRS)

PEEHRS create safer spaces for their peers to talk about such topics as healthy relationships, consent, sexual health, and how to intervene with peers who are perpetuating rape culture. There are five workgroups on the PEEHRS team;

  1. Consent
  2. Healthy Relationships
  3. Prosocial Bystander Intervention
  4. Sexual Health
  5. Sexual Pleasure


Students Advocating for Mental Health Empowerment

SAMHEs are trained to provide educational programming and outreach about mental wellness including stress reduction, sleep health, time management, resiliency and reducing stigma. There are five workgroups on the SAMHE team;

  1. Campus Resources and Communications
  2. Identity and Mental Health
  3. Fitness and Mental Health
  4. Mental Health Concerns
  5. Mindfulness