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Many college students are arriving on college campuses having experienced--or experiencing during their time at college--health, wellness, and safety issues, including sexual and relationship violence, substance abuse, and/or mental health concerns.  As an institution of higher education, we at Syracuse University know that these issues not only impact student well-being, but also their capacity to learn and flourish.

It is imperative that we address student health concerns before they arise or escalate, thereby reducing or removing barriers to students’ learning and enhancing their ability to succeed. As leaders in health prevention, the Office of Health Promotion utilizes theory- and evidence-based assessment, prevention, early intervention, and evaluation strategies to create a campus environment and culture that supports health and well-being, and enhances students’ personal skills and safety.  Using a population-based approach, we provide prevention and education services for the entire student body.


Every Syracuse University student will have the capacity to learn, connect and flourish in a healthy, respectful, and supportive environment.


The mission of the Syracuse University Office of Health Promotion is to advance students’ holistic well-being and academic success, and promote a healthy Syracuse University environment by:

  • Providing education;
  • Cultivating skills; and
  • Utilizing effective public health promotion and prevention strategies.